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Bonanza High School - Las Vegas, Nevada

Bonanza High School Bengals

Bonanza High School Bengals

6665 West Del Rey Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102-1051
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Bonanza High School

6665 West Del Rey Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102-1051
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Bonanza High School Athletes

Connor Shea
Charity Tanner
Cheerleading, Dance
Sean Hughes
Felisha ScholzFelisha Scholz
Cross Country
Nzinga JohnsonNzinga Johnson
Aaron BameAaron Bame
Emily OsbornEmily Osborn
Joshua WellsJoshua Wells
Cheyenne WellsCheyenne Wells
Dario MiguelDario Miguel
Julian RomeroJulian Romero
Tyler FarkasTyler Farkas
Ramone JohnsonRamone Johnson

Bonanza High School Sports at a Glance

Bonanza High School is a high school located in the midsized city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Home of the Bengals, Bonanza High School has a total of 2,709 students. Bonanza High School plays sports in the Sunset - Southwest League.

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Bengals Sports

Basketball (4 Athletes)
Football (2 Athletes)
Cheerleading (2 Athletes)
Softball (2 Athletes)
Baseball (1 Athlete)
Dance (1 Athlete)
Swimming (1 Athlete)
Cross Country (1 Athlete)

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