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High School Rowers

Rowing Information

Currently 306 high school rowers

Top Rowing High Schools Top Rowing States
Florida  (34 Athletes)
New York  (33 Athletes)
New Jersey  (26 Athletes)
California  (25 Athletes)
Pennsylvania  (19 Athletes)
Virginia  (18 Athletes)
Illinois  (17 Athletes)
Top Rowing Cities
Wilmette, Illinois  (5 Athletes)
Jacksonville, Florida  (4 Athletes)
Tallahassee, Florida  (4 Athletes)
Galloway, New Jersey  (4 Athletes)
Miami, Florida  (4 Athletes)
Fairport, New York  (4 Athletes)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  (4 Athletes)

Featured Rower

Sorry there are currently no featured Rowers.

Most Popular Rowing Athletes

Rating Star
Connor McGinnis
Riverview Community High School
Riverview, Michigan
Graduating class of 2025

Sports: Rowing
"I am an avid rowing in my 2nd year of the sport and I am going to..."
There are no athletes in this sport yet!