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Recruiting Resources : NCAA Recruiting Rules

NCAA Division I Recruiting Rules

Overview of the NCAA's D1 Recruiting Rules

There are many rules governing how a recruit can interact with coaches from various universities. The list is long and detailed meaning there isn't enough room here to fully touch on the finer points, however that's not to say there aren't several general recruiting rules that you can learn in the articles to follow.

Recruiting for NCAA Division I programs typically begins after a student athlete's sophomore year of high school. The rules become less strict with each year so MonsterPreps has provided a basic breakdown for your sophomore, junior and senior years. It's important to note the differences between sports because men's and women's basketball and football all have separate recruiting rules, while every other sport is grouped together.

The recruiting rules the NCAA has set for Division II and III sports are much simpler, less stringent and a little easier to understand.

NCAA Division I Recruiting Rules by Grade

For convinience and clarity, we have separated NCAA's recruiting rules by grade level. Follow the links below for the grade that applies to you.