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Creating an account with the MonsterPreps is a simple and easy process, and is necessary for a number of reasons. Upon registration, members inherit certain benefits such as the ability to rate athletes, participate in discussions on forums, post comments about athlete videos, and much more. MonsterPreps currently offers three different types of accounts which can be seen below, each of which having benefits that are specialized for different users' convenience.

ATHLETES - Get More with a PrepsPass Account
Contact Info for 20,000+ College Coaches & Sports Staff.
Access the PrepConnect Athlete-Coach Connection Tool.
Get the Chance to be Featured on the Homepage.
Show Up at the Top of Browse and Search Results.
Plus Much More!

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Athlete Account

  • Create a profile to post game footage, photos, statistics, team schedules, personal info and more.
  • Get access to over 25,000 coaches and college athletic staff members
  • Connect with coaches through Facebook-style messaging.

Coach Account

  • Get access to over 58,000 high school athletes.
  • Promote your team and athletic program on your free profile.
  • Let us know the type
    of athletes you're
       looking for and we'll
          send them your
             way automatically.

Fan Account

  • Follow and promote your favorite athletes.
  • Learn all about the recruiting process and NCAA rules.
  • Rate and comment on videos
  • Become a "Fan" of athletes & collect their photos and game footage.