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High School Golfers

Golf Information

Currently 1,461 high school golfers

Top Golf High Schools Top Golf States
Texas  (106 Athletes)
California  (93 Athletes)
Ohio  (81 Athletes)
Illinois  (76 Athletes)
Florida  (65 Athletes)
Michigan  (52 Athletes)
Indiana  (51 Athletes)
Top Golf Cities
Phoenix, Arizona  (8 Athletes)
El Paso, Texas  (8 Athletes)
Chicago, Illinois  (5 Athletes)
Cincinnati, Ohio  (5 Athletes)
Detroit, Michigan  (5 Athletes)
Colorado Springs, Colorado  (5 Athletes)
Boise, Idaho  (4 Athletes)

Featured Golfer

Sorry there are currently no featured Golfers.

Most Popular Golf Athletes

Rating Star
Connor Lukkarinen
Macomb High School
Macomb, Illinois
Graduating class of 2022

Sports: Golf, Tennis
"I have been playing tennis since I was 5 years old. Ages 12-15, I played team tennis..."
There are no athletes in this sport yet!