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High School Athletes : MonsterPreps Tour

The Tour: What We Offer

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About Recruiting

The top priority is introducing you to college coaches.

Our number one goal has always been to provide high school athletes the easiest, quickest, and most effective way of meeting college coaches. Period. Here's how we make that happen...

We get your name out to coaches immediately after you sign up.

Right after you create your profile, we automatically send it off to college coaches and recruiters across the nation looking for athletes like you. Using PrepConnect, our tuned system of pairing your abilities with the criteria college coaches have given us, we send your athletic, academic and contact info to the inboxes of coaches nation wide.

We get coach contact info in your hands.

We currently have contact information for over 20,000 college coaches and staff members at tens of thousands of colleges throughout the U.S. Don't waste any more time searching for coach information! Sign up now to get the info and Start Contacting Coaches immediately.

We'll promote your athletic profile.

We give you the ability to create a profile for promoting your stats, athletic abilities, academic accomplishments, game photos, highlight videos and whatever else you can boast about! After you Create a Profile, we do everything in our power to promote your it and put your abilities in front of the eyes of college coaches.