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Whetstone High School - Columbus, Ohio

Whetstone High School Braves

Whetstone High School Braves

4405 Scenic Dr
Columbus, Ohio 43214-3040
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Whetstone High School

4405 Scenic Dr
Columbus, Ohio 43214-3040
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Whetstone High School Athletes

Maurice Mcpherson
Baseball, Football
Nate GainesNate Gaines
Devven SandersDevven Sanders
Track & Field
Gofadhe FarahGofadhe Farah
Gabe HiltGabe Hilt
Haley BuskirkHaley Buskirk
Brian AdamsBrian Adams
Track & Field
Wesley SmootWesley Smoot
Jean' IresneJean' Iresne
Dalton MeadeDalton Meade

Whetstone High School Sports at a Glance

Whetstone High School is a high school located in the midsized city of Columbus, Ohio. Home of the Braves, Whetstone High School has a total of 1,020 students. Whetstone High School plays sports in the Columbus City - North League.

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Braves Sports

Basketball (4 Athletes)
Football (3 Athletes)
Track & Field (2 Athletes)
Baseball (1 Athlete)
Soccer (1 Athlete)

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