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Deland High School - Deland, Florida

Deland High School Bulldogs

Deland High School Bulldogs

800 North Hill Avenue
Deland, Florida 32724-3726
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Deland High School

800 North Hill Avenue
Deland, Florida 32724-3726
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Deland High School Athletes

Kimberli Smith
Reid Knox
Stuart DevivaStuart Deviva
Track & Field
Mackenzie RoyMackenzie Roy
Otmane ElamineOtmane Elamine
Track & Field
Peter JensenPeter Jensen
Track & Field
Elizabeth LeongElizabeth Leong
Dylan HolyokeDylan Holyoke
Track & Field
Julencia CurtisJulencia Curtis

Deland High School Sports at a Glance

Deland High School is a high school located in the midsized suburb of Deland, Florida. Home of the Bulldogs, Deland High School has a total of 2,894 students. Deland High School plays sports in the 6a District 2 League.

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Bulldogs Sports

Track & Field (4 Athletes)
Soccer (2 Athletes)
Baseball (2 Athletes)
Wrestling (1 Athlete)
Basketball (1 Athlete)
Softball (1 Athlete)
Volleyball (1 Athlete)
Swimming (1 Athlete)

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