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Maurice McPherson - Baseball Player

Maurice McPherson

Whetstone High School Baseball
Columbus, Ohio

Double Sport High School Athlete
A little bit about Maurice...
30-Year-Old Grad.     5'9"    180 lbs.

Maurice McPherson's High School Baseball Stats and Info

High School Baseball Info

Position(s):Pitcher, Utility
Jersey Number:7
Years Playing:9 years
Coach's Name:Tim Broskie
Coach's Phone:Log in to view

Club Baseball Info

Jersey Number:7
Coach's Name:Coach Homan

General Baseball Information

Returning varsity letterman as a sophmore. I throw a cutter, 2 seam, splitter, knucklecurve, and a slider. I can play anywhere in the field.

Junior Baseball Stats and Info

General Junior Baseball Info

Varsity Letter

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