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Azle High School Baseball Players

Azle High School Hornets

Azle High School Hornets

1200 Boyd Rd
Azle, Texas 76020-2599
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Azle High School

1200 Boyd Rd
Azle, Texas 76020-2599
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Azle High School Baseball Players

Roderick Fields
Azle High School
Azle, Texas
Graduating class of 2009

Sports: Baseball
"Hi, Im Roderick. I am a senior at Azle High School and throw and bat right..."

Azle High School Baseball Schedule

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Azle High School Baseball Photos

Below is our collection of baseball player photos from Azle High School.

Azle High School Baseball Videos

Below is our collection of baseball videos from Azle High School.

Sorry, we don't have any videos of baseball players from Azle High School

Hornets Sports

Football (3 Athletes)
Track & Field (2 Athletes)
Baseball (1 Athlete)
Volleyball (1 Athlete)
Cross Country (1 Athlete)

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