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Arkansas State University Basketball

Arkansas State University-main Campus Red Wolves
ASU Red Wolves
2105 E. Aggie Road
Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401
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Arkansas State University-Main Campus

2105 E. Aggie Road
Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401
Map of Arkansas State University-Main Campus

ASU Athletics
"Home of the Red Wolves"

Arkansas State University basketball

Brian Boyer

Head Coach




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Red Wolves Athletic Contact Info

Phone:(870) 972-3882

Athletic Staff Contact Info

Mens Ath. Bus. Manager
Doug Abel

Mens Athletic Director
Dr Dean Lee

Mens Athletic Secretary
Darlene Etter

Mens Chancellor
Dr Robert Potts

Mens Equipment Manager
Ryan Dickson

Mens Phys. Ed. Director
Jim Stillwell

Mens President
Dr J Leslie Wyatt

Mens Sports Info Director
Jerry Scott

Mens Strength Supervisor
John Arce

Mens Trainer
Ron Carroll

Sr Ath. Administrator
Julie Lessiter

Womens Ath. Bus. Manager
Doug Abel

Womens Athletic Director
Dr Dean Lee

Womens Athletic Secretary
Darlene Etter

Womens Chancellor
Dr Robert Potts

Womens Equipment Manager
Ryan Dickson

Womens Phys. Ed. Dir.
Jim Stillwell

Womens President
Dr J Leslie Wyatt

Womens Sports Info Director
Jerry Scott

Womens Strength Supervisor
John Arce

Womens Trainer
Ron Carroll

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