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Tony, a.k.a Juice Brewton - Athlete

Tony, a.k.a Juice Brewton

Ocala Springs School
Ocala, Florida

Single Sport High School Athlete
A little bit about Tony, a.k.a Juice...
23-Year-Old Grad.     4'9"    76 lbs.

About Tony, a.k.a Juice Brewton

Tony, a.k.a Juice is a 23-Year-Old Grad. at Ocala Springs School. He currently focuses on one sport, Football.

I am only 10 yrs of age, i play the position running back, I have come to this site early because I want to be well known when its my time to be recruited, I am from Ocala FL, and I play for the MCYFL and i play for the Pee Wee Falcons, I am the starting running back, and have been since i signed up 3 yrs ago, The season starts in August so please check back in for my stats and highlights this year and every year after, until my college singing day, just remember the name Juice Brewton #2

Tony Brewton #2

Physical Attributes

Tony, a.k.a Juice's Physique

Weight:76 lbs.

College Information

Tony, a.k.a Juice's Colleges of Interest

1.)  Stony Brook University