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Serhiy Hayovyy - Abraham Lincoln High School Athlete

Serhiy Hayovyy

A little bit about Serhiy...
33-Year-Old Grad.     6'1"    170 lbs.

About Serhiy Hayovyy

Serhiy is a 33-Year-Old Grad. at Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, New York. He currently focuses on one sport, Volleyball.

Physical Attributes

Serhiy's Physique

Weight:170 lbs.
Dominant Arm:Right
Dominant Leg:Both

Serhiy's Speed and Strength

Bench Press:150 lbs.

College Information

Serhiy's Colleges of Interest

1.)  Taylor University
2.)  Trine University
3.)  University of Saint Francis-Ft Wayne

Serhiy's Majors of Interest

1.)  Business Management and Marketing