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Sebastian Townsend - Basketball Player

Sebastian Townsend

A little bit about Sebastian...
30-Year-Old Grad.     6'3"    180 lbs.

Sebastian Townsend's High School Basketball Stats and Info

High School Basketball Info

Position(s):Point Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, Center
Years Playing:4 years

Club Basketball Info

Jersey Number:1
Coach's Name:Chris Daigneault
Coach's Email:Log in to view

General Basketball Information

scorer. very athletic. primarily a wing player, but can play post if needed. slashing forward/guard. crashes boards. jumps very well. very good at creating space and creating own shot. jump shot improving but still needs a little work.

Junior Basketball Stats and Info

General Junior Basketball Info

Did Not Play for high school team (personal reasons),
played for AAU-Club team Wisconsin Rage,
18 ppg,
12 rpg,
leading scorer (including games of 21, 27, and 31 points),
leading rebounder,
team finished in top 3 of all six tournaments.