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Philip Azour - Baseball Player

Philip Azour

Beacon High School Baseball
New York, New York

Double Sport High School Athlete
A little bit about Philip...
33-Year-Old Grad.     5'9"    190 lbs.

Philip Azour's High School Baseball Stats and Info

High School Baseball Info

Jersey Number:51
Years Playing:2 years
Coach's Name:Mr. Tom Covotos

Club Baseball Info

Jersey Number:2,
Coach's Name:Coach Maurice Fauset, Coach Adam Berton, Coach Ron Bouno

General Baseball Information

Played with many leagues across the city...including Harlem RBI, South Harlem Reds, West Side Baseball League, Benny Rodriguez League, Cincinatti Reds.....The Beacon Blue Demons High School...

Senior Baseball Stats and Info

General Senior Baseball Info

The Beacon Blue Demons, West Side Baseball, South Harlem Reds, Harlem RBI, Cincinatti Reds-Benny Rodriguez