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Michael Rincher - Wrestler

Michael Rincher

Bridgeport High School Wrestling
saginaw, Michigan

Single Sport High School Athlete
A little bit about Michael...
31-Year-Old Grad.     6'2"    256 lbs.

Michael Rincher's High School Wrestling Stats and Info

High School Wrestling Info

Years Playing:2 years
Coach's Name:ron rood
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Club Wrestling Info

Coach's Name:alphonzo
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General Wrestling Information

well this current 2009-2010 season went good especially that since i made it to reginals my first year on varsity this was one of the best moments in my life i work hard for that moment i felt like i was on top well this is how it goes im 3rd in my division im 3rd in my confernce im 3rd in district and 6th in my region i am one of the best in bridgeport that there is and im proud of it my goals are to coach a wrestling team and after high school eithir wrestle in college or wrestle for the 2020 olympics.

Senior Wrestling Stats and Info

General Senior Wrestling Info

3rd place at byron individual
3rd place at saginaw high black and gold touney
5th place at the saginaw county varsity meet
5th place at the tvc (trivalley conferance) tourny
4th place at districts qulifiying for reginals
im 6th in the region

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