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Michael Mitchell - Athlete

Michael Mitchell

Howard Middle School
Ocala, Florida

Double Sport High School Athlete
Basketball, Football
A little bit about Michael...
27-Year-Old Grad.     5'5"    126 lbs.

About Michael Mitchell

Michael is a 27-Year-Old Grad. at Howard Middle School. He is a multi-sport athlete who participates in Basketball and Football.

I'm working on becoming the best in are family by playing in Marion County Youth Football League for two years now. My first I started at LOLB becoming the most dominant one in the Junior division. I played for the junior Falcons and I had the number 81. We also went to the super bowl and lost 18-24. My second year I when I played for them I played LOLB and Fullback. I scored four touchdowns averaging over 721 yards the whole season. While playing at LOLB I Had 3 interceptions and about 82 tackles the whole season. Plus I had one MVP that I'll post a picture of later. Cant wait for the 2009 season to start.

Physical Attributes

Michael's Physique

Weight:126 lbs.
Dominant Arm:Right

Michael's Speed and Strength

Bench Press:125 lbs.
Squat:169 lbs.
Mile Time:5.7
40-Yard Dash Time:4.9 seconds

College Information

Michael's Colleges of Interest

1.)  Stony Brook University
2.)  Barton College
3.)  Laramie County Community College

Michael's Majors of Interest

1.)  Architecture and Related Services
2.)  Education
3.)  Undecided