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Marcellas Anderson - Simsboro High School Athlete

Marcellas Anderson

Simsboro High School
Simbsoro, Louisiana

Double Sport High School Athlete
A little bit about Marcellas...
32-Year-Old Grad.     5'11"    185 lbs.

About Marcellas Anderson

Marcellas is a 32-Year-Old Grad. at Simsboro High School in Simsboro, Louisiana. He is a multi-sport athlete who participates in Basketball and Football.

Im not really that tall but i have a tun of heart snd will do anything to win. idont mind putting blood in the jar to get all the way. and i will never ever give up

Physical Attributes

Marcellas's Physique

Weight:185 lbs.
Dominant Arm:Both
Dominant Leg:Left

Marcellas's Speed and Strength

Bench Press:290 lbs.
Squat:320 lbs.
40-Yard Dash Time:4.7 seconds

College Information

Marcellas's Colleges of Interest

1.)  Gulf Coast Community College
2.)  Broome Community College
3.)  Lawrence University

Marcellas's Majors of Interest

1.)  Architecture and Related Services
2.)  Business Management and Marketing
3.)  Health Professions and Related Clinical Services