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Mamadou Niang - Track & Field Competitor

Mamadou Niang

A little bit about Mamadou...
34-Year-Old Grad.     6'2"    148 lbs.

Mamadou Niang's High School Track & Field Stats and Info

High School Track & Field Info

Years Playing:4 years
Coach's Name:David Drozjock
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Club Track & Field Info

Coach's Name:Stacy Morris
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General Track & Field Information

My name is Mamadou Niang, my father is a diplomat and i moved to the U.S six years ago. I moved my sophomore to another school my sophomore year. I did not run winter track that year, i also did not start running cross country until my junior year. I'm a very hard working athlete and would to have the opportunity to run in college. My high school program is not a big track program so it is tough to get my name out there but the last to season has been going great and i hope the success would continue.

Senior Track & Field Stats and Info

General Senior Track & Field Info

400m- :49.4
600m- 1:25
WT 800m- 1:56
1000m- 2:41
1600m- 4:43
4 by 4 split: 49.7

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