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Jaylen Lum - Track & Field Competitor

Jaylen Lum

A little bit about Jaylen...
20-Year-Old Grad.     5'4"    135 lbs.

Jaylen Lum's High School Track & Field Stats and Info

High School Track & Field Info

Coach's Name:Dane Matsunaga
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Club Track & Field Info

Coach's Name:Les and Karen Takiguchi
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General Track & Field Information

I have been running track and field since the 3rd grade. I ran for Elementary, Middle and currently Mililani High School JV Team. I have been with the Mililani Track Club since the age of 9 where I ran the 100M, 200M and 400M. I was undefeated in the Hershey's Track Meet for 3 consecutive years and invited to an all expense paid trip to Hershey Pennsylvania to compete in the 200M. Unfortunately, due to soccer commitments of Surf Cup that year, I was not able to participate in Pennsylvania.

Freshman Track & Field Stats and Info

General Freshman Track & Field Info

200M Qualified for JV Championship (2 weeks in advance) - Error/Coach did not put name down for competition.

Freshman Track & Field Stats

200 Meter: Qualified for JV Championships

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