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Eric White - Corrigan-Camden High School Athlete

Eric White

A little bit about Eric...
31-Year-Old Grad.     5'6"    158 lbs.

About Eric White

Eric is a 31-Year-Old Grad. at Corrigan-Camden High School in Corrigan, Texas. He is a multi-sport athlete who participates in Basketball, Cross Country, Football and Track & Field.

Physical Attributes

Eric's Physique

Weight:158 lbs.
Dominant Arm:Right
Dominant Leg:Both

Eric's Speed and Strength

Bench Press:205 lbs.
Squat:305 lbs.
Mile Time:5:45
40-Yard Dash Time:4.9 seconds

College Information

Eric's Colleges of Interest

1.)  Cerro Coso Community College
2.)  Fullerton College
3.)  Laredo Community College

Eric's Majors of Interest

1.)  Communication, Journalism and Related Programs
2.)  Mathematics and Statistics
3.)  Psychology