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Dontay Davis - Marquette High School Athlete

Dontay Davis

Marquette High School
St. Louis, Missouri

Single Sport High School Athlete
A little bit about Dontay...
31-Year-Old Grad.     6'0"    195 lbs.

About Dontay Davis

Dontay is a 31-Year-Old Grad. at Marquette High School in Chesterfield, Missouri. He currently focuses on one sport, Football.

I play linebacker for Marquette high, I had a injury plagued year, playing in about 6 games out of 11. I only played my freshmen and senior. I had a monster season my freshmen year and this year i think i played pretty good since i haven't played since my freshmen year. I consider myself as a sleeper prospect, I don't weight alot but i have the frame to add more weight and I play linebacker but i got the hands of a wide out and the elusiveness and awareness as a safety. I run a 4.68 i believe i can get alot faster than that probably to the 4.5 range when i get in better shape. I have to get stronger because obliviously those numbers not go cut it for a linebacker. My four years haven't been the best years of my life and haven't been the easiest. I believe if i had a strong establishment around me, the sky would really be the limit for me. If any coaches are interested in me, I would gladly tell you Dontay Story and why I have the best football ahead of me. Also my game film will be on here soon.

Physical Attributes

Dontay's Physique

Weight:195 lbs.
Dominant Arm:Right
Dominant Leg:Right

Dontay's Speed and Strength

Bench Press:205 lbs.
Squat:300 lbs.
40-Yard Dash Time:4.68 seconds

College Information

Dontay's Colleges of Interest

1.)  Monmouth College

Dontay's Majors of Interest

1.)  Construction Trades
2.)  Engineering
3.)  Undecided

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