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Anthony Stricklad - Basketball Player

Anthony Stricklad

Auburn High School Basketball
Rockford, Illinois

Single Sport High School Athlete
A little bit about Anthony...
30-Year-Old Grad.     5'11"    145 lbs.

Anthony Stricklad's High School Basketball Stats and Info

High School Basketball Info

Position(s):shooting fuard
Jersey Number:41
Years Playing:2 years
Coach's Name:bryan ott

Club Basketball Info

Jersey Number:8
Coach's Name:joe brown

General Basketball Information

played sophmore as a freshman and sophmore played varsity and made it to 3 newspaper articles and team went to regionals and won and sectionals and aau we just won our tournament in bolingbrook and was ranked and one of the best shooters in the conference and was an honor until 9th grade

Sophomore Basketball Stats and Info

General Sophomore Basketball Info

score 15-20 or even more including the team and went undefeated with 31-0and made history for our school

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