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Alexa Bolden - Track & Field Competitor

Alexa Bolden

A little bit about Alexa...
31-Year-Old Grad.     5'7"    132 lbs.

Alexa Bolden's High School Track & Field Stats and Info

High School Track & Field Info

Position(s):Sprinter/ FIeld Events
Years Playing:3 years
Coach's Name:Fenton Gunter
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General Track & Field Information

State competitor freshmen year. Ran on the 4x100m and 4x200m relay. Currently just starting long jump, the past month, with a jump of 17'2 as my best, progressing every week. My events are the 100m 4x100m 4x200m 4x400m relays and long jump. I run for one of the top track teams in IL. State champions and qualifiers since the 80's.

Sophomore Track & Field Stats and Info

General Sophomore Track & Field Info

100m- 12.6
4x100- 11.9
200m- 24.9
4x400- 59.0
Long Jump- 17'2
60m- 7.43
55m- 6.69