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Alejandro Portillo - Football Player

Alejandro Portillo

A little bit about Alejandro...
30-Year-Old Grad.     5'6"    165 lbs.

Alejandro Portillo's High School Football Stats and Info

High School Football Info

Jersey Number:45
Years Playing:5 years
Coach's Name:Jim Snelling

Club Football Info

Jersey Number:76
Coach's Name:John Miccile
Coach's Phone:Log in to view

General Football Information

I am one of the hardest working athletes on my team. I never quit or give up. My Friends say that my character says everything about me! I started for 3 years in my SYFL football league. I haven't started in high school yet I have been second string. I am working really hard to make it to the top and start because that's where i want to be and I know I am going to get there with hard work.

Sophomore Football Stats and Info

General Sophomore Football Info

I tried out for the fullback position for the first time and made second string. I had 1 touchdown and 20 yards total. As for my linebacker position I had 3 assist tackles.

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