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Recruiting Resources : Division I Academic Eligibility

NCAA Division I Academic Eligibility

Division I Academic Eligibility

The NCAA constantly refers to athletes as "student athletes" and have great cause as every athlete must qualify academically becoming a collegiate athlete. All Division I programs are 4 year colleges and as explained by any high school guidance counselor, the academic admittance requirements are fairly standard. In order to qualify as an athlete at any Division I school, be a part of their athletics program, or receive an athletic scholarship the prospect must meet the requirements below:

  1. Graduate from high school.
  2. Complete these 16 core classes:
    • 4 years of English
    • 3 years of math (Algebra 1 or higher)
    • 2 years of natural or physical science (including one year of lab science if offered at your high school)
    • 1 extra year of English, math or natural/physical science
    • 2 years of social science
    • 4 years of extra core courses from any category above or foreign language, non-doctrinal religion or philosophy

  3. Earn a minimum required GPA in your core courses.
  4. Earn a combined SAT or ACT sum score that matches your core-course GPA and test score sliding scale.
  5. By completing the NCAA's academic requirements you become eligible to practice/play your sport and receive an athletic scholarship as a freshman. If you maintain academic eligibility each year in college you will have the ability to play for four years.
  6. Failing to become an academic qualifier keeps you from practicing or competing for your college during your first year. Also, you cannot receive an athletic scholarship during your first year, but you can receive need-based financial aid.